These masks are     

than fun!

  • Durable cotton with protective lining

  • Adjustable nose bridge

  • Comes in 3 sizes

  • Soft, thin elastic adjusts for snug fit.

  • Embroidery available in a variety of colors and threads

  • Customizable: Add Company Logo, Initials or Name 

  • Designed and handcrafted in USA


2 for $30

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and soooo comfortable! 


Each Funner Face Mask is meticulously handcrafted using quality cotton fabrics.  For your protection, masks are lined and can be adjusted to fit your face. 

They are available in a wide variety of colors and combinations and can be customized with your name or initials or even a company logo. 

Washable and durable!

Coming soon: Mustache Face Masks and Smiley Face Masks. 

*Not intended for medical grade use. 

Looking at the Bright Side...

By Michele Kennedy

Yes,  COVID-19 has turned our world upside down!  We have had to adapt in order to protect ourselves and others.  We sacrifice comfort in order to enjoy a fleeting sense of normalcy.  But let's face it,  humans aren't new at sacrificing comfort for all sorts of reasons.  Fashion is just one of them.  Let's talk about shoes, for example.  How many pairs of shoes do you have that aren't particularly comfortable but you wear them because you love them and they tell the world a little bit about who you are?  We have unspoken fashion rules in our society.  Once upon a time, hats were a big part of fashion in this country (and still are in other parts of the world).   Once upon a time, men wore long curly wigs and make-up and ladies wore life-sucking corsets.  Perhaps we can think of 2020 as the birth year for a new fashion trend...hopefully a fleeting trend though. Fashionable face masks!   Since we must wear them right now anyway, why not allow face masks to be another way to express ourselves? 


If you haven't quite jumped on the "I Love Wearing Face Masks" bandwagon,  here are the top 10  "Pollyanna, Rainbows and Unicorns" reasons wearing a face mask ain't so bad: 

1- If you're a make-up wearing person, you can get away with just applying mascara, which saves a lot of valuable morning time and money that you'd spend on lipstick. 

2- If you're a face-shaving person, you can grow out your mustache just to see what you'd look like.

3- If your face is prone to breakouts, you can hide the red monster on the end of your nose because everyone has glowing skin under a face mask.

4- You can scowl as much as you want in public without getting into a fight.

5- You can remember your phone log-in PIN number better because the phone won't recognize your face anymore. 

6- Much like walking an adorable puppy in the park, if you are wearing an adorable Funner Face Mask, very attractive people will comment on it, thus, possibly sparking a conversation that could lead to a meaningful've seen the movie.

7- You will have a filter for when unpleasant odors are permeating the air space.

8-You can't just shove cookies in your mouth all day...without a little more effort.

9-You don't have to sneeze down your shirt or into your armpit anymore.

10-You will know if you have bad breath before anyone tells you. 

We'd love to hear more joyful perks of wearing face masks.  Please comment on our Facebook page. 

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